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We have mixes available for almost any common and special applications

  • Normal Concrete
  • Durable Concrete
  • Shotcrete, Self Compacting, Screed, light weight concrete etc.

Also, we are equipped to use to batch full range of commonly specified admixes to meet your requirements. Specialty mixes are available as well. Please contact our technical dept. for more information.


Concrete admixtures enhance the properties of your concrete and are added to the concrete batch immediately before or during its mixing. Admixtures affect the time concrete takes to set and harden or the workability of concrete which will help you get your project completed quickly.

Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Fiber reinforcing will reduce the potential for cracking and improve the impact and abrasion resistance of your concrete slab. Fibermesh fibers are engineered exclusively for concrete use and manufactured in fibrillated form - bundles of interconnected strands. These fibers are uniformly distributed throughout the concrete in all directions, providing effective secondary reinforcement for shrinkage crack control.