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We conduct regular training programs to all level of staff to drivers, pump operators, technical staff and maintenance staff in the field of equipments and its uses, safety and the latest technology in the construction industry to be up to date in their work field.

Our workforces of 250 professional and dedicated staff are the core of our business. The management always keen to provide periodical training to staff in the area of equipment, safety and latest the latest advancements in concrete technology to ensure that we are giving the best to our valued customers.


The company has a large fleet of Transit Mixers, Concrete Pumps, Static Pumps, Distribution Booms, Cement Bulkers, Truck Trailers, Water Tankers, Shovel Loaders and other related equipments.

Our full fledged Maintenance Dept. highly qualified and extensively trained technical staffs ensure that our equipments and vehicles are maintained well for the smooth running of our business.

Quality Control

Right from sourcing the raw materials, our technical dept. keen to ensure that we deliver the best! So that our highly skilled technical staff conducts regular quality inspections in all stages of concrete delivery that our promise is fulfilled.

Raw materials constantly subjected to quality checks and verification. Regular tests on raw materials (Sieve Analysis, Specific Gravity, Water Absorption, etc.) and fresh concrete (slump, air content. etc.) are carried out on a daily basis in accordance with BS / ASTM standards and Al Ain Municipality standards and almost every consulting firm.

For each major projects, our technical team designs the concrete mix according to meet the specific requirements and conduct extensive in-house trials on workability, pumpability, compressive strength, etc. before start delivering so that our customers can rest assured that everything is smooth from the first day of concrete pouring.

Safety Standards

Modern Ready Mix maintains a vigorous safety program to ensure that all reasonable and practicable measures are taken to maintain safety in all stages and areas of operations. Also, the company is keen to promote safer environment by reducing pollution to the environment to protect our natural world.

We always ensure that the Safety Management System is continuously improve our practices in light of advances in technology and new understandings in Safety, Health and Environmental issues.